Jikes Development Kit


The Jikes Development Kit is an helpful tool for the development of Java applications on BeOS .
It integrates the fast and accurate IBM Jikes compiler into BeIDE, the standard development environment on BeOS.

An open BeIDE project and the relative HelloWorld Java application.


Jikes Dev Kit is actually distributed as a SoftwareValet Installation Package, which will automatically place all required components in their respective folders.

The package contains three components plus some documentation:

This version will only run on BeOS 5 and later.
For a BeOS 4 version, please check our website at http://bekaffe.sourceforge.net or contact the author.


To run Java code you need BeKaffe or another Java Virtual Machine for the BeOS.

The Jikes Development Kit contains two Java stationery projects which can be used as a base for every new Java project.
After launching BeIDE, choose New project... from the File menu and the following window will pop-up:

The first project, JavaApp is a very simple HelloWorld application, which is visible in the first picture, while the second one, JavaApplet is, guess that, a sample applet.
To build and run the sample applet, just select Make from the Project menu.

The fact that every applet and application is launched at the end of the build process, without explicitly choosing Run, depends on the launch script (Launch.sh) included in the project.

The launch script contains an hard-wired path to the class to be launched or to the HTML file containing the applet.
If you change the name of the application's main class or the name of an applet's file, remember to update the launch script.


All sources to these tools are available online, part from the IBM Jikes project webpage, and part from BeKaffe.

Newer versions will be available at http://download.sourceforge.net/bekaffe and will be announced on the BeKaffe mailing lists.

If you experience problems or would like enhancements to this version,
feel free to drop me a line...
Tomaso Paoletti