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BeKaffe News

Wednesday, August 16th
Development of BeKaffe is going forward and is mainly focused on a new native widgets version, which will bring a native BeOS look & feel.

Work on the development tools is actually on hold due to the lack of developers : if you are a Java/C++ developer with some experience of BeOS APIs and would like to help, please contact us.

Sunday, July 9th
Sorry for the blackout, but there have been problems with the SourceForge Web server.
The Developer Release 2 was lost in the crash and has been reloaded.

Thursday, July 6th
The BeKaffe Developer Release 2 has just been uploaded on the server!

HANDLE WITH CARE: This is not intended as a production-quality release, but as a mean to expose all bugs and missing functionalities.

Our next target, apart from that of handling the avalanche of incoming bug reports :),
is to bring the development tools up to date (i.e. ready for BeOS R5).

Sunday, July 2nd
The switch to SourceForge has been completed and the CVS repository now contains sources for both lightweight and NATIVE WIDGETS implementations of BeKaffe.

The first binary release, targeted to developers and testers only, will be available in a week.

All those interested in BeKaffe and its future may join the discussion on the public forums or subscribe to our mailing lists.

Saturday, June 24th
After a long period, the project is back and we are now members of the BeUnited organization.

In the next few days we'll reorganize the SourceForge CVS repository, check in the lastest source base and discuss how to share the development.

Our first objective is to build a stable BeKaffe release based on Kaffe 1.0.5 and lightweight widgets.