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About BeKaffe

The Project

Many of you, as we have, may have noticed the lack of Java in BeOS. Upon further research, Duncan McQueen saw two different implementations. The first one, is a commercial one straight from the Sun sources. Clearly that implementation is going to be fast and stable. But it will cost money, to justify the development. The second one, the porting of Kaffe, seemed to be partially done already. All that is missing is the graphical layer. At first the task in making Kaffe about to run graphical Java apps seemed huge. This was true until more research was done on Kaffe and how AWT (the graphical implementation) is run. There is a lightweight AWT implementation that won't be hard at all to port. So this project is dedicated to making that work.

The BeKaffe Developers

There are quite a few people that help BeKaffe through development, testing, debugging, or general suggestions. We would love to honor all of them. A few of them, have contributed so greatly, that this project owes quite a bit to them. They have brought the project to where it is today, and will extend it further. Here you will see their names.
  • Alan L Batongbacal ( has been responsible for much of the non-GUI porting of Kaffe. He began the whole process of porting Kaffe to BeOS.
  • Tomaso Paoletti ( is working on the AWT code. He also developed the BeIDE development plug-in, of which hopefully many of you enjoy.
  • Anthony Lorelli ( has also worked closely with Tomaso on the AWT code.
  • Sim IJskes( has been responsible for cleaning up the port, and making it more efficient and function better (In a days time frame, btw).

Want to see your name up there? Contact us.